West Virginia Preteen Camp

Join us at our Preteen camps in Glenwood Park, West Virginia! The camp facility includes a freshwater lake with private access, hiking trails and grassy fields.

This Preteen Camp will be conducted in beautiful southern West Virginia at the 4-H Campgrounds, Glenwood Park: 1823 Glenwood Park Road, Princeton, WV. This camp facility is complete with boys’ and girls’ bunkhouses, freshwater lake with private access, large dining hall and kitchen area, assembly hall, hiking trails, grassy fields for sports & activities, and more!

Applicant Age Information

Camper: Ages 8-12

Staff: Ages 18+

High School Worker: Ages 15-17

Camper Sibling: Ages 13-14

Mini Camper: Ages 7 & under

Mini-campers and Sibling Campers
The purpose of the mini-camp and sibling camper programs is for situations where both guardians of a child will be at camp, and must therefore bring their under-or-over camper-aged child to camp.

Please note for Staff Applicants: Previous experience as an LYC camper or staff member would be helpful. Age, experience, and interests will be considered where possible in staff placement. Additionally, staff members who must bring their older or younger non-camper age children must submit applications for each and will be charged application and tuition fees.


Camper Arrival:Sunday, July 28 by 3pm

Staff Arrival:Sunday, July 28 by 11:30am (lunch on your own)

Departure Date:Friday, August 2 by 10am


Address: 1823 Glenwood Park Road, Princeton, WV, 24740

Nearest Airports for Campers or Staff: Charlotte-Douglas International Airport. Airport pickup from this airport will not be available.


Activities this year will include: Music, Dance, Archery, Ultimate Frisbee, Canoeing, Kickball, Photography, Crafts

Service Areas for staff: Counselor, Assistant Counselor, Kitchen, Mini-camper staff, Dishwashing, Custodial.


Application Fee Tuition Fee
1st Camper in Family $5.00 $150.00
2nd Camper in Family $5.00 $135.00
3rd Camper in Family $5.00 $115.00
Staff/High School Worker $10.00 $20.00
Mini Campers $5.00 $25.00
Camper Siblings $5.00 $150.00

Note: Application fees are non-refundable and are due with the application. Your application will be returned to you unprocessed if received without the application fee being paid.

Cost Calculator


Applications must be received by June 1, 2024.

How to Pay

We now accept online credit or debit card payments. Visit https://camp.livingyouth.org to register for camp and pay your fees online with your credit or debit card. You may also call Jenny Penman at (980) 254-0132 or fax your card details to (704) 841-2244.

If you prefer to pay by check or money order, mail it made payable to Living Youth Programs to: LYP, 2301 Crown Centre Dr., Charlotte, NC 28227.

How to Apply

Visit https://camp.livingyouth.org to register for camp. If you require assistance registering online or need a blank paper application, contact Jenny Penman by email ([email protected]) or phone (704) 708-2283.

Send Applications To

Living Youth Programs, 2301 Crown Centre Dr., Charlotte, NC 28227 Or fax to: (704) 841-2244. Please do not send applications or payments to the camp director as this will delay processing.

Cancellation / Refund Policy

All refunds for cancellations are given at the sole discretion of the camp director on a case-by-case basis. In general, once you have been accepted to camp, and the registration period has closed (whichever comes last) no refunds will be given.


Questions regarding camp should be directed to Michael Heykoop:
(647) 637-1094
[email protected]

Questions regarding the application process or payments should be directed to Jenny Penman at:
(704) 708-2283
[email protected]